About Us


Service-Max-Emergency-Restoration-Services-MiamiService Max Cleaning & Restoration began in 1984 as an affiliate name company specializing in Carpet & Furniture Cleaning. We began cleaning very well known Hotels, Condominiums and Commercial Properties. We were  well know for cleaning celebrities homes and properties and later very highly recommended in Miami-Dade. We later expanded into the flooring Business selling Hardwood, laminate, Carpet and Tile with expert installations throughout Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Service Max reputation in the Flooring Industry began to excel to become one of South Florida’s Largest suppliers.

Service Max began offering 24 hour Water Damage, Fire Damage and Mold Removal in the late 80′s and became one of Miami’s top Restoration Companies. Service Max also began working closely with Insurance Companies providing emergency restoration for properties and homeowners. Soon Service Max became one of the largest companies for Water Damage, Fire Damage and Mold Removal Companies Serving today. Service Max far exceeds the experience of any companies in South Florida.

Along with our full services Service Max can handle Large loss Mitigation’s that other companies fall short. We have become the leaders in Large Multi-Level Jobs and very well connected in the Insurance Industry. With High Worth and Confidential customers Service Max is one of the Leaders in its field of operation. Service Max has become  the number one source for Restoration in Florida. With high access to resources and expertise, our manpower speaks for itself for large community wide disaster recovery projects that have given Service Max it number one reputation.