Carpet Cleaning


Service Max Carpet Cleaners Miami use the industry’s most advanced Carpet Cleaning System, which will remove ground in soil and revive your carpets and leave them looking like new again. We have our Steam Cleaning method and our Dry-Vapor method which dries in half the time as Steam Cleaning and leaves very little detergent residue, carpets come out beautiful. Call us today to find out more about our Carpet Cleaning Services Miami 305-856-1333

Servicing: Miami / Fort Lauderdale / West Palm Beach

We have additional Services such as carpet repairs, deodorizers and mildew prevention Micro-ban, and use DuPont Teflon stain protection for carpets with 2 year warranty. DuPont Teflon is the best protection in the industry.

Why do Carpets need Maintenance?

It’s easy to think that the reason you need your carpets cleaned is so they look spotless. It’s important to remember that carpet cleaning is an investment. In your home or business your carpets can collect dust, dirt, and bacteria. Even if it’s not visible your carpets can be a filter to all these contaminate’s, and can be much dirtier than what you see.

Just using household cleaners to remove the spots and spills is not enough to censure they are clean as possible. By using Service Max to clean your carpets, you can be sure your carpets are not just cleaned but bacteria free. Our Advanced Cleaning System cleans the deepest dirt and bacteria as deep as possible.

  • Known as South Florida’s most  trusted carpet cleaners, Service Max uses the most advanced equipment available.
  • To remove contaminates and dust mites, Service Max uses  carpet cleaning techniques to clean deep down and still keep the warranty from the carpet manufacturer.
  • We make sure all spots are treated and wear areas are addressed.
  • Using our powerful carpet cleaning system we can clean to restore the fibers and keep the carpet fresh.
  • We also repair carpets and deodorize, and with DuPont Teflon Stain Protection your carpets are protected against future stains for up to 2 years.