Water Damage Restoration

Property damage as a result of water damage is a common problem for many homeowners and businesses. It can happen to many variables for example broken pipping, ruptured water lines, fire fighting efforts or floods. At Service Max Water Damage Restoration is one of our core services. Our team of professionals are highly trained in water cleanup, water removal, and restoration. Our thorough knowledge of water damage sets us apart from our competitors, which is why we can properly respond to any type of water damage quickly and efficiently, normally within 30 minutes from any area. Whether Its a major flood or Pipe burst our team is ready ti serve your property to Its original state or better. Call us today to find out more about our Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services Miami 305-856-1333

Servicing: Miami / Fort Lauderdale / West Palm Beach


Initial Inspection and Scope

  • After assessing the damage, Service Max Representatives will prepare a scope of the work,  including the cost estimate. Once the scope is approved by you and your insurance company Service Max will begin the work.


  • If applicable, Service Max will work with your insurance agent or adjuster throughout the restoration process.


  • When the work is completed you and your Service Max Representative will conduct a final wall through to confirm that all the work is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Evaluation of Structure and Contents
  • Services Max Technicians will inspect the damage, develop a Restoration Drying Plan and provide a cost estimate. After authorizing, Technicians will immediately begin the Water Mitigation Services.

Gross Water Removal

  • To reduce structual and content damage, initial Water Extraction from flooring and affected materials will be implemented immediately.

Stabilize the Environment

  • State of the art, High velosity Air Moving equipment will be installed to initiate evaporation of moisture from wet structure and Contents. Dehumidification Equipment will be installed to control the high moisture levels and produce warm dry air.

Monitored Drying Process

  • Technicians will establish moisture content and drying goals, for all affected materials throughout the drying process, including temperature and humidity readings

Carpet and Flooring

  • Salvageable carpets will be re-installed and cleaned as required. Additional flooring materials will be cleaned and restored as necessary. With Service Max Cleaning & Restoration we will serve you in the best possible way to make you 100% satisfied with your home or business, we pride ourselves to see that your happy with all our work.